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"Instaletter is very easy to use and allows me to create a letter for my daughter any time I want and I don't ever have to wonder when it's going to arrive." - Ralph F.

"The quality of these letters are great and only takes a few minutes to create. I love how easy it is to design stationery and envelopes. Nice job!" - Tammy B.

"I shared a couple letters with my sister and some friends I play cards with using the referral program. I would have done this any way. They joined and now my membership is completely free. Thanks." - Tracey D.

"I have several kids that spend a lot of time with the neighbors. I never could just buy one letter without someone feeling left out. Other sites charge more than I can afford especially in today's economy so without your service (instaletter) my kids would have missed out. Thank you so much!" - Jennifer R.


Don't let any child in your family such as siblings, cousins or even close friends feel left out this Christmas. With an instaletter membership you can create a unique letter from Santa for all of them in just minutes, all year long and at no extra cost.

We are on a mission to get a magical letter into the hands of as many children as possible. If you help us reach our goal by spreading the word we will even reimburse your membership fee and then some!


Free letter from Santa

Letter from Santa - Free trial
Letter from Santa Claus - Printable Santa letters

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Abigail, soon to be 6 years old, sits at the kitchen table with nothing more pressing on her mind than how exactly to articulate her thoughts and wishes in this year's letter to Santa.

She gets out a fresh white sheet of paper and her favorite colored well-sharpened crayon and begins to write with the utmost sincerity a message only a child ever could.

After checking more than twice that all her i's are dotted and t's are crossed, with much care she folds her letter, carefully slides it into the envelope she designed and sends it off to Santa.

Can you imagine the look on her face...

Now, can you imagine the look on her face when she sees what is unmistakably a reply to her letter from no other than Santa Claus himself, in his handwriting, writing about all the things she wants for Christmas and what she has done to deserve them?

You probably remember as a child how exciting it was to get something in the mail. But what if that something was a personal letter from Santa, just before Christmas, at a time when your thoughts were of nothing else?

Your child's magical belief only happens once in a lifetime...

Located in Santa Claus, Indiana, for almost a decade now, we have mailed out thousands of personal letters from Santa Claus every year and are blessed to read more genuinely heart-felt letters than we can count from children thanking Santa for sending out a personal letter just for them!

That's why we have created instaletter.com. You can now quickly and easily create a truly magical experience your children will remember for the rest of their lives from the comfort of your office or home computer...in just minutes!

Use your instaletter membership to create as many high quality personalized letters from Santa as you wish, for every child in your family, all year long. Using our drag and drop stationery designer you can create your own unique stationery to either print a high quality letter to put in the mail or to send electronically in minutes over the internet!

And, if you help us spread the word about this new, fun and very valuable tool we will reimburse your annual membership!


Less expensive Santa letter solution. Why use instaletter?

Inexpensive, very convenient with many more options...

We developed and have ran the most popular letter from Santa business online for almost a decade and we have learned from our past customers that paying as much as twenty dollars per letter is just not an option, especially in today's economy.

Our goal is to get a magical letter in the hands of as many children world-wide as possible so we created instaletter...an affordable, fully featured personalized letter creation system that allows you to create a magical letter for every child, or those who's a child at heart, in your family in minutes!

Santa letter examples shared online. Designed for high-quality printing every time!

When we designed instaletter we started at the end and worked our way to the beginning. This was to make sure that the final product was a beautifully printed letter with sharp text, colors and graphics. The technology we use guarantees the best print quality any home or office printer can produce creating a letter that will leave no doubt in your child's mind that it came from no other than Santa Claus himself.

Letters from Santa for kids all year long. Letters from Santa all year long... with all his friends!

Santa Claus lives in your child's heart year around and since this magical belief in Santa is limited to just a few years and then gone forever why not send multiple letters at different times of the year? Use your instaletter account to quickly and easily create a personal letter from Santa, and others, for a variety of reasons such as encouragement or even congratulations for an activity, an event or just for doing something nice. After all, Santa's always watching.

Letters from Santa for multiple children Magical letters from Santa Claus to multiple children.

It's hard for Santa to send just one letter. Even if you have just one child there's a good chance a cousin, a neighbor or even a close friend might feel left out wondering why Santa forgot about them. But, with letter sites charging up to twenty five dollars per child this is cost prohibitive for many. With your instaletter membership know that you can create and send a letter to all the special children in your life for one low membership cost so that no one feels left out. *Some restrictions apply.

Letters from Santa for multiple children Postmark from anywhere you choose... or not. The choice is yours.

The truth is, getting a special postmark for your letters is easy... if you know how. We will show you exactly how your letters can include the special North Pole (Alaska) postmark, Santa Claus (Indiana) picture postmark and many others absolutely free! Alternatively, you can include a "fictitious" postmark using our easy to use online envelope designer, and delivery your letters any way you choose... the choice is completely yours!

Santa letter stationery designer. Easily design your own stationery that will mean the most to your child?

Do you have a Rudolph fan at home? Or how about Mrs. Claus or a favorite elf? Create fun stationery with your child's favorite characters and other elements that really mean the most to your child. Our very easy-to-use drag and drop stationery and envelope designer makes designing your stationery a whole lot of fun regardless of how "computer savvy" you may or may not be. Don't believe me? Build a printable letter from Santa yourself right now for FREE with a 3-day free limited trial!

Personalized letters from Santa Claus The most personalized letters from Santa available... in a few clicks!

Don't want to include your child's wish list just yet? No problem. Choose from a list of personalization options so you decide what type of content is included in this magical letter. Then simply enter the information you know and click the build letter button as many times as you want until you get the letter you want to send. Oh, and feel free to tweak it by editing the letter manually before you save it.

Personalized letters from Santa Claus Santa's elves will help you check your spelling.

Just select any word, phrase or the entire letter at any time, right click and choose the spell check option. Santa's elves will turn the background red and highlight any word that they think might need more attention. Then right click on that word and either choose a word suggested to replace it or ignore to leave it as is.

A letter from Santa from the North Pole, Santa Claus and/or online. You choose your delivery method... not to worry about a timely arrival.

Want an official North Pole or Santa Claus postmark? No problem, we will show you how you can get these for free. Or maybe you're in a hurry or just want to stick this magical letter in your mailbox yourself or even on the tree? How about delivering your letters electronically instead? Print and mail or share online with just a few clicks of your mouse. The choice is completely yours.

Santa Claus letter keepsake. Have a scrap book? Print as many copies as you like.

Each year we get requests for a second or even third copy of their letter from Santa to add to a scrap book or to share with someone else. Your letter might be going to another address and you want to keep a copy for yourself? With your instaletter membership this is no problem. Each letter is stored in your database and can be retrieved and printed or shared online as many times as you wish!

Santa letter reminder service. Never forget to send a letter from Santa again!

Holidays and other special occasions seem to sneak up out of nowhere more and more every year. Although you might overlook sending a letter from Santa I will guaranty your child hasn't forgotten about it. Using your instaletter auto-reminder tool you can setup reminders that will email a reminder message straight to your inbox any day of the year so you should never forget to send a special letter again.

Santa letter referral program. Share instaletter with your friends and your membership is FREE!

How many parents or even grandparents of young children do you know? As a member you can easily share your letters online with all your family and friends which includes links back to this web site. When they join instaletter we will pay you five dollars every time one of your referrals makes a subscription payment. With just a few you're actually making money at Christmas instead of just spending. At any time you can see in real-time who you have referred, their current membership status and when their next membership payment is due. Click HERE for more details on our top Christmas affiliate program.

Santa letter referral program. 100% Satisfaction Guaranty

We are very proud of the services that we offer and how we offer them. We are so convinced that you will be completely satisfied with your new instaletter subscription that if we are wrong, we will cancel your membership immediately and refund the subscription price.

Letter from Santa Bonus Offer
Printable Good List Certificate from Santa

Bonus #1

Santa's Official Good List Certificate

Start your membership today and we'll also include Santa's Official Good List Certificate module for absolutely free! Don't let all of your child's hard work to make Santa's coveted Good List go un-rewarded. Print out this one-of-a-kind official Santa's Good List certificate and let Santa himself congratulate them on a job well done.

Can you imagine, as a child, getting official word just before Christmas that you in fact have made Santa's Good List? This alone will raise your child's level of excitement like never before possible.


Letters from the Easter Bunny, Cupid, the Tooth Fairy and Drax.Bonus #2

Letters from Cupid, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and Drax Dracula.

We have added a module for Cupid letters and letters from the Easter Bunny. Soon we will be adding modules for all of Santa's friends including the Tooth Fairy and even Drax Dracula. If you order now we will add the letters from Cupid and the Easter Bunny as well as the others, as they become available, to your instaletter account for no additional charge!

Just imagine your child with a loose tooth getting a letter from the tooth fairy all about how she can't wait to get her tooth and all the wonderful things she is going to do with it.


Printable Good List Certificate from Santa

Bonus #3

Personalized Cupid Coupons

Cupid for years has been known to bring two people together forming life-long relationships. To children, this means building strong friendships and the importance of having friends. To adults, this can mean romance and finding a soul mate. But Cupid is also known to be a bit fun too!

Use Cupid Coupons any way you like by making them redeemable for anything you can dream up... one night out or a weekend getaway, a free car wash, one day away from the kitchen, get out of the chore of your choice, get out of trouble cards, a gift card for a favorite store, a message, one night with complete control of the TV remote, etc.

Can you think of anything you wouldn't mind if someone redeemed?


Printable Good List Certificate from Santa

Bonus #4

A Deed to the Famous Bunny Trail

Start your membership today and we'll also include this unique personalized Deed to a special place on the famous Bunny Trail. Every child knows that the Easter Bunny strictly stays on the Bunny Trail on Easter and if you want a visit from him you best be on it!

Give your child the thrill of knowing he/she has in fact been good enough this year to earn a coveted spot on the Bunny Trail with this official printed Deed with his/her name on it. This makes a great addition to the personalized letter from the Easter Bunny to help build the excitement of his visit.


Free printable santa lettersBonus #5

We want to give you your membership for FREE!

Since beginning this project my goal has been to get a magical letter from Santa and all of his friends into the hands of as many children, and of those young at heart, as possible but I need your help to reach this goal. So I thought I would bribe you ;-)

Simply share your instaletters with your family and friends online, which you would probably do any way and can do automatically with your instaletter account in just minutes. Then, when they create an account themselves I will deposit $5 cash into your Paypal account every time they make a subscription payment for life! That's it...

That's right, refer them one time and get paid every year automatically!

Free Printable Letters from Santa... start today!

We want every child to get magical personal letters from not only Santa but all of their favorite imaginary friends all year long. So, we want to give you an annual membership for FREE! Here's how...

Remember, here's what is included today:

12 month instaletter membership.
  • Create high quality personalized letters from Santa and his friends all year long.
  • Design your own stationery with instaletter's easy drag-n-drop design tools.
  • Create letters for your entire family for the same low annual membership.
Santa's Official Good List Certificate module.
  • Let Santa reward your child for his/her efforts of making his coveted good list.
  • Lift your children's excitement like never before just before Christmas morning.
  • Watch your children proudly display their certificates for everyone to see.
Additional modules for letters from Cupid, the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and Drax Dracula.
  • As they become available have access to personal letters from all your child's favorites.
  • Send a romantic letter from Cupid to your wife, husband or love interest.
  • Relieve your children's fear of losing their first tooth with a letter from the Tooth Fairy.
Personalized Cupid Coupons
  • Create coupons from Cupid redeemable for anything you can dream up.
  • Create coupons for both children and adults and choose your own expiration date.
  • Create and print any time in a matter of minutes!

As opposed to the suggested $19.99 per month we have decided to set our membership to the affordable-for-anyone-price of just $19.99 per year!

(That's UNLIMITED LETTERS for only $14.99 FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR with your discount today!)

Then after you join, create a letter and share it online with your family and friends. When they view it they will see links back to this site which will be tracked as your referral. When they join, we will pay you $5 every time one of your referrals makes an instaletter subscription payment!

So you see, with just a few referrals to your family and friends not only are you insuring their kids will get these magical letters but you are also helping us reach our goal to get these letters in the hands of as many children as possible. And for doing so, we will pay you back the cost of your membership and then some. Click HERE for more details.

Free Santa letters!

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